paige starling sorvillo

paige starling sorvillo, performer/director
paige starling sorvillo is a performing artist and improvising choreographer.  she is deeply inspired and fascinated by the subtle and energetic body and she is crazy grateful for all the ways she gets to be there.   born in New Haven, CT, paige grew up in the deep midwest in northern indiana, went to university in Boston and finally landed home in the san francisco bay area in 1997.  constant side-trips take her often to Berlin.   she has been honored to collaborate with visual artists Eric Koziol, Ian Winters, & Lucy HG; sound artists Evelyn Ficarra, George Cremaschi, Liz Allbee, Kanoko Nishi, Matthias Bossi, Jon Raskin, & Koji Nakano among others; and way too many performing artists to name.  she is deeply grateful to her many many teachers including Peter Di Muro, Craig Quintero, Sara Shelton Mann, Shinichi Iova-Koga, and Minako Seki.  more fun details can be found in the blindsight company bio.


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